The Gear We Provide

Our equipment is some of the finest available in the music recording industry. We’ve built up quite the collection of instruments and music gear for our clients to choose from, so have a look at what’s available and contact one of our experts for advice on what you need to best suit your recording demands.

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

When the time comes to master your tracks, we get some serious voodoo compression with this bad boy. It looks beautiful and we use it on everything. Excels on drum bus, vocals, and bass.

Manley Massive Passive Mastering Equalizer

Glorious tube equalizer that sounds great on everything. Excels at mastering.


The latest interface from Avid. Featuring 16 mastering grade inputs and 8 outputs. Pristine audio I/O.


A beautiful tube microphone that we use primarily on drum overheads and vocals.

Neumann U87 AI

One of the most famous large condenser microphones of all time. We use it mostly for vocals and drum overheads.

Neumann U47 FET

So far this has been the go-to vocal mic. It's either in front of a kick drum or in front of someones face.

ATC SCM25a Monitors

Mastering grade monitors that are perfect for hybrid mixing/mastering setups.

AKG C414

A versatile large diaphragm microphone that sounds great on nearly everything. A must have for any studio.

Fairchild 627 Variable Eqaulizer

When it's not in my mastering chain, it's adding it's tubey goodness to floor toms. I love the knobs and the seeing eye tube the most. I had to find something that matched the Shadow Hills aesthetics and quality.

Martinsound Martech Mss-10

The best vocal mic preamp ever designed. Hands down.

Neumann KM84

My oldest vintage microphone in the collection sounds great on drum cymbals. A real piece of recording history and still sounds unbelievably good on acoustic guitar and hihats.


Great on certain vocals. Also has been used on bass guitar and kick drum often enough.

Sennheiser 421

I have two vintage 421's and one modern 421-II. I use them on guitar cabs and toms mostly.

SSL 611 EQ

My snare chain is in love with this classic eq. Two flavours of classic ssl with a touch of a button.

Great River 32EQ

Classic console flavours that adds mojo to any source.

API 550B

EQ for all your drum needs. Also sounds great on bass guitar.

UA 1176LN Compressor

We have two UA 1176 LN's, two Hairball Audio blackface 1176's, and one Hairball Audio Blue Stripe 1176. All sound great. We use the UA's on snare and the hairball's on room mics.

Hairball Audio Gold and Bronze Preamps

I have two of these for my snare mic preamps. The five bronze versions I have are weapons on toms and electric guitars

Hairball Audio Lola Preamps

One of the best microphone preamps I have ever heard. I have some with Jenson 990 op amps and some with BA512 op amps. Both types sound great on cymbals, kick drum, and guitars.

AKG 451b

My main mic for ride cymbal. I also use it on acoustic guitars

Burl Audio B26 Orca Monitor Controller

It's the most essential piece of the studio. This monitor controller is extremely detailed and sounds very transparent. Everyone loves the big knob.

Ampeg SVT with 8x10 cab

My favourite bass amp of all time. We rock this early 70's Ampeg SVT stack all the time.

Sonor Prolite 5 piece drum kit

Nothing but the Best

Orange Rockerverb Mk II

Amazing Cleans, semi versatile dirt


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